About us

We founded in 1994, is a set of clean room systems engineering planning, design, construction construction, air purification systems engineering equipment development, manufacturing, testing, sales of high-tech enterprises!Related fields include sophisticated electronics, precision instruments, bioengineering, food industry, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospital engineering, research laboratories and many other high-tech industries.

Registered capital: three thousand two hundred and five King Enterprises - up million yuan, and the National Electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering contracting two qualifications and safety production license, Chinese Institute of electronics unit, vice chairman of Shanghai branch member clean technology clean Association member units, for 13 consecutive years won the title of trustworthy enterprise quality credit rating AA and other honors.

We strict implementation of ISO9001 and ISO14001 international quality and environmental management system, the daily management of the company adopts the international certification of "Kingdee ERP" and "nail management software management platform.

technical standard
The design standard of clean system, cleanliness level of airborne particles in clean room and clean area, air cleanliness registr…
System principle: non unidirectional flow organization system
Having a plurality of paths or the flow direction is not parallel, also known as the fluid turbulence is strongly mixed and mixed …
System principle: one-way flow system
A unidirectional flow is a uniform air flow on a cross section that is parallel to a single direction and is perpendicular to the …

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